Community Weathering Station (CoWS) is a pop-up lab for exploring changes to domestic activities in responses to global environmental change. CoWS also facilitates simple, low-fi and small scale community events like lectures, walks, workshops and breakfasts.

The Community Weathering Station’s first outings were market stalls at Groundswell in Bingara on September 7/8, at the Armidale Farmer’s Market on September 15, Lake Zot Breakfast (26th October) and Black Gully Festival on November 9 in 2019, and the Weathering Everything: Mini-Symposium at UNE on 3-4th March, 2020. Read about these on the Blog!

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The Community Weathering Station is a settler-led project on Anaiwan land. We pay our respects to original custodians past and present. In rethinking town water practices at CoWS, we acknowledge Indigenous water and land sovereignty; this sovereignty was never ceded.

This is a photo of the recent Survival Skills workshop at UNE Campus