Training: Researching Post-Capitalist Possibilities (Community Economies Winter School)

From the 1-9 June 2022, I developed my skills in community focussed research by signing up for the Community Economies Summer/Winter School. This year the school was titled “Researching Post-Capitalist Possibilities” The picture above is my class (I’m top left, our teacher is top centre and the rest are my lovely classmates!). Until IContinue reading “Training: Researching Post-Capitalist Possibilities (Community Economies Winter School)”

The Armidale Climate and Health Project

How can we build community connections and resilience in the face of climate change, improve our health and put Indigenous knowledge at the centre? We’re running a series of workshops and a community festival addressing this question, and building local knowledge and skills. The challenge of this project is how to keep the big scaleContinue reading “The Armidale Climate and Health Project”

We Weathered Everything

Weathering Everything: A Mini-Symposium was on the 3rd and 4th March in 2020. Weathering is a concept that names the embodied experience of weather over time, and in focusing on duration, accumulation and repetition, weathering links bodies to climate change. Weathering also names bodily difference as we all weather the world differently. The recent eventsContinue reading “We Weathered Everything”

Weathering Everything: Mini-Symposium (Program)

With Dr Astrida Neimanis (USYD), Tessa Zettel (Artist-Researcher), and Dr Jennifer Hamilton (UNE) Events: Tuesday, March 3: 5.00 – 7pm – Public Lecture: Dr Astrida Neimanis “We are all bodies of water; we are always weathering” at Oorala Lecture Theatre, University of New England, Armidale Campus. The summer of 2019/2020 was marked by extreme weatherContinue reading “Weathering Everything: Mini-Symposium (Program)”

Black Gully Festival (November 9)

The stall at the Black Gully Festival was nested between other stalls that were sharing information – next door to the Armidale Tree Group that was starting a drought monitoring project asking people to take photos of stands of trees so they can audit which local trees make it through this unprecedented event. The communityContinue reading “Black Gully Festival (November 9)”

CoWS Breakfast at Lake Zot (September 26)

As part of the Compassion, a Timely Feeling conference, CoWS held a breakfast for delegates at Lake Zot stormwater dam on UNE Campus. It is interesting having events for different groups of people. Everyone brings something different and unique to the tent. Where: Lake Zot, UNE Campus (,+Armidale+NSW+2350/) When: Saturday 26th October, 2019 (7.30am –Continue reading “CoWS Breakfast at Lake Zot (September 26)”

CoWS at the Armidale Farmer’s Market (September 15)

We set up the stall at the Armidale Farmer’s Market in Curtis Park a week after Bingara. This time it was combined with Fixit Armidale, a new repair cafe initiative. The day was really hot and we had lots of chats. Everyone is concerned about the drought and is thinking and feeling big things aboutContinue reading “CoWS at the Armidale Farmer’s Market (September 15)”

CoWS at Groundswell in Bingara (7th and 8th September)

Groundswell was a festival of regenerative agriculture. Reflections on my role in this event were published on Overland in the article “On Bucketing Water” and another report is forthcoming in the Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation Newspaper. For more information on the event please see the Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation website for theContinue reading “CoWS at Groundswell in Bingara (7th and 8th September)”

Coming Soon…

The Community Weathering Station is a project seeking to respond to the drought in Armidale critically and carefully guided by the concept of “weathering”. CoWS program of activities (which will involve walking, talking, reading, writing, sitting, reflecting, cooking, bucketing, gardening, composting, storing) is designed to engage with (and possibly trouble) conceptual divides between the mundaneContinue reading “Coming Soon…”